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SD-WAN (Viptela)




Introduction to SD-WAN
Before SD-WAN
✓ Overview of SD-WAN
✓ Advantages of SD-WAN
✓ Concept of SD-WAN Underlay and Overlay

Architecture of SD-WAN
o Controllers (vManage, vBond, vSmart)
o Transport (MPLS, Internet, Cellular. etc)
o Wan Edges (vEdges, cEdges)
✓ Function of vManage
✓ Function of vSmart
✓ Function of vBond
✓ Function of vEdge & cEdge
✓ Function of TLS / DTLS
✓ Function of OMP
✓ Function of BFD
✓ Controller & Wan Edges Hosting Option and Platform

Types of Planes in SD-WAN

Management Plane (vManage)
Orchestrator Plane (vBond)
Control plane (vSmart)
Data plane (vEdge & cEdge)

Certificate Authentication Component
o CA Srv.
o RootCert
o ID_Cert
Types of VPN in SD-WAN
o Management VPN (VPN 512)
o Transport VPN (VPN 0)
o SERVICE VPN (VPN 1-511 & 513-65535)

Describe SD-WAN Terminology
o System-IP
o Organization Name
o Site-id
o Virtual Chassis no./Serial no. & Token no.
o Templates
    ▪ Feature Templates
    ▪ Device Templates
o TLOC (system-ip, color, encp )
o vRoute (vpn route)
o ECMP Mechanism
o Polices
  ▪ Centralized
  ▪ Localized

Describe, configure & troubleshoot SD-WAN (GUI, CLI)
01. SD-WAN Lab Introduction
02. vManage initial config & Transport connectivity
03. vSMART & vBOND initial config
04. vEDGE & cEDGE Intial Config
05. CA Server Configuration—RootCert
06. Installation of RootCert in vMANAGE Manually
07. Generating CSR and Installing ID-Cert in vMANAGE
08. Registering vBOND in vMANAGE--Generating CSR and Installing IDCert in vBOND
09. Registering vSMART in vMANAGE--Generating CSR and Installing IDCert in vSMART
10. WAN EDGE Registration Process (.viptelaSerial File )
11. Installing RootCert in vEDGE
12. Installing RootCert in cEDGE
13. Activate vChassis no & token no in WAN Edges Devices.
14. Templates & its Use
        Configure Feature Template—SYSTEM
         Configure Feature Template—BANNER
15. Configure Feature Templates for BR-vEdge
           o VPN-0, VPN1, VPN512
           o VPN-INT
           o External Routing (OSPF, DEFAULT)
           o Internal Routing (OSPF)
16. Configure Device Template for vEdge-Sites (Transport VPN)
17. Editing Device Template for vEDGE-Sites (SERVICE_VPN)
18. OMP Route Advertisement, Redistribution & verification of TLOC
19. Verification of ECMP-Traffic Flow Simulation
20. Configure Feature Templates for HQ-vEdge
            o VPN-0, VPN1, VPN512
            o VPN-INT
            o External Routing (BGP)
            o Internal Routing (OSPF)
21. Configure Device Templates for HQ-vEdge
22. Configure Device Template—cEDGE
23. Describe SDWAN Policy Components
24. Configure Feature Templates for vSMART
           o VPN-0, VPN512
           o VPN-INT
25. Configure Device Template—Vsmart

Centralized Policy

26. Configure Traffic Policy (AAR)
o Protocol & Port based
o Application based
27. Configure Topology Policy--TLOC Preference (primary & backup)
28. Topology Policy--Route Filtering
29. Aggregate Route
30. Hub and Spoke topology configuration without TLOC modification
31. Hub and Spoke topology configuration with TLOC modification
32. Configure Hub & Spoke Topology using TLOC for DATA Traffic.
33. Implementation of NAT(Direct Internet Access --local breakout)
34. DIA Configuration using NAT DIA Route
35. How to add Multiple Service VPNs for vEdges using Device Template
36. High Availability of vSMART
37. Route leaking between VPN's in Viptela (Cisco SD WAN)
38. Cisco SDWAN - Editing Active Control Policy
39. Zero Touch Provisioning with Viptela vEdges



1. Configure Cisco cEdge Router
2. Configure Feature & Device Templates for BR-CSR
o VPN-0, VPN1, VPN512
o External Routing (OSPF , DEFAULT )
o Internal Routing (EIGRP )
3. Configuring vEdges Behind NAT
4. Implementation of VRRP in Viptela Devices
5. Configure TLOC Extension for Site Redundancy
6. Cisco SDWAN Dynamic On-Demand Tunnels configuration
7. Cisco SDWAN - DIA Configuration on cEdge router

8. Cisco SDWAN- Service Channing Route
9. Cisco SD WAN - URL Filtering
10. Cisco SDWAN - IPS configuration
11. Viptela (Cisco SD WAN) App Firewall
13. Viptela (Cisco SD WAN) upgrade
14. CLI Device Templet
15. Entering Device Template values for vEdge using CSV File
16. Cisco SDWAN Software Upgrade - vEdge - vBond – vSmart
17. Cisco SDWAN cEdge upgrade from vManage
18. Cisco SDWAN Software Downgrade – vEdge
19. VPN Membership.

20.SD-WAN NAT in Transport Site

21. SD-WAN NAT in Service Site

Localized Policy (QoS)
01. QOS & Its needs
02. Classification and Marking
03. Policing & Shaping
04. CoS, ToS, DSCP
05. Types of Queues
06. QOS Implementation Methods-Best-effort-Intserv-Diffserv
Configure localized policy & Device Templets for Voice, web & rest of traffic.

  • Class map
  • Ipv4 acl policy
  • QoS Map